Preventing Problematic Phone Calls from Clients

Submitted by John Brown on Mon, 03/14/2022 - 3:30pm

Preventing Problematic Phone Calls from Clients

We interviewed Bruce Willey CPA , JD, CExP, Tax Reduction and Business Coach with American Tax Planning, LLC, for this week’s BEI Member blog. Bruce’s passion is to provide simple solutions to client problems so they can fully understand what they are getting into. He focuses on minimizing taxes an creating additional working capital for his clients. Bruce guides business owners on making financial decisions that will ultimately lead them to accumulate more wealth outside of the businesses in a way that maximizes outcomes while minimizing risks.

Bruce is an attorney, has worked with a variety of family businesses in different ways, and has worked in the world of income tax for over 35 years.

Why did you decide to work with business owners to help them exit?


I believe that business owners work the hardest, risk the most, and are in need of the most support. I am fascinated by what constitutes a business, what they make, how they provide services, and what they do to improve the lives of their customers. Once established, the relationships I share with my clients are enjoyable, challenging, and loyal. The complex nature of their needs makes the work that I do so gratifying. I often find myself learning myself as I provide solutions to their opportunities and challenges.

Tell us about an unexpected challenge you have encountered working with business owners. How did it impact you or your practice and how did you overcome the problem?


The most frustrating hurdle I encounter is with the owner who calls after they have made a huge, life-altering decision. In these cases, they have already done something, sold something, or committed to a contract. Then, suddenly, they say to themselves, “I should have called Bruce before I made that decision.” Unfortunately, this often means that it is too late to resolve the problem at hand. The owner is often upset with the result of their decision because they didn’t understand all their options. I try to prevent this from happening by continually speaking with my clients, often reminding them of their options, to ensure I will not receive that unexpected phone call that my client has made a poor decision without my knowledge.

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How has your involvement with BEI impacted your practice?


I have met a wonderful, giving group of professionals who are eager to help me wherever they can. It has deepened my bench so to speak because I have resources across different industries to help me solve problems as they arise. BEI is like a family in many ways. No one in the group is a competitor, there is more than enough support to go around, and the spirit of cooperation is the most wonderful benefit of being a part of BEI.

Do you have any advice for an advisor just starting out?


Listen to others. Speak with as many professionals as you can because you never know what their value may be to you down the road. Never be afraid to admit others may know more than you. Finally, it is far better to say, “I don’t know but I will find out,” as opposed to making something up just to provide an answer.

Do you have any recent accomplishments or contributions you want to share with our other members?


I am a frequent contributor of content to Entrepreneur and Kiplinger magazines and can be found speaking from time to time about how managing your tax situation is an untapped resource for business owners. Learn more about Bruce and his work here:

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